Summary Schedule : IAMCR 2013 Dubiln Conference

  DRAFT 3.3, June 2013

Tue., 25 June 2013 Wed., 26 June 2013 Thurs, 27 June 2013 Fri., 28 June 2013 Sat., 29 June 2013
 9.00-10.30 10.00-12.00
Sections & Working Group Heads Meeting
8.00 Registration Opens

Plenary 1:

Crisis and Shifts in Geo-Political Processes/Power
Parallel Sessions-4 Parallel Sessions-7 Parallel Sessions-10
SS: ALAIC-ECREA Roundtable
Chairs: Alenka Jelen and Fernando Oliveira Paulino
SS: Changing Geography of the Field: Implications for Communication Theories.
Chair: Hopeton Dunn
10.30-11.00 Tea/Coffee break Tea/Coffee break Tea/Coffee break Tea/Coffee break
11.00-12.30 Parallel Sessions-1 Plenary 2: Economic and Environmental Crisis and the Media Plenary 3: Crisis and the Affordances of the Digital Moment - ‘Social Media’ Parallel Sessions-11
12.30-14.00 13.00-17.00   IAMCR International Council Meeting LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH

14.00-15.30 14.00-17.15: Registration Desk OPEN
Ground floor,
the Helix
Parallel Sessions-2 Parallel Sessions-5 Parallel Sessions-8 Parallel Sessions-12
SS: ‘Women Make the News’ Project.
Chair: Aimée Vega Montiel
SS: Scope for Professional Control of Work/ Indicators
Chair: Paschal Preston
SS: About Ireland : ‘Crisis and all that...’
Chair: Pat Brereton
SS: Memorial session for Karol Jakubowicz
Chairs: Nico Carpentier and Janet Wasko
15.30-16.00 Registration remains OPEN until 17.15 Tea/Coffee break Tea/Coffee break Tea/Coffee break Tea/Coffee break
16.00-17.30 Parallel Sessions-3 Parallel Sessions-6 Parallel Sessions-9 16.00-17.00:
Closing Plenary

SS: ‘In the Eye of the Storm’: Media & the Unfolding Crisis in PIIGs countries’.
Chair: Paschal Preston
SS: Task Force on: ‘Changes in Academia/ IAMCR's Future’
Chair: Friedrich Krotz
SS: ICA Special Session
Chair: François Heinderyckx
18.00-19.00 17.45-20.30
Welcome and Opening Event:
President of Ireland: Michael D Higgins, Cultural Tasters plus Wine Reception
19.00-20.00 19.00–23.00
Music & Dancing evening:
Free event for all Registered conference delegates.

Plenary Sessions Venue: Mahony Hall, the Helix [also relayed to The Theatre, the Helix]
Special Sessions Venue: The Theatre, the Helix

Other Events
Optional entertainment [Extra cost 98 euro]: Jameson Distillery, Wednesday 26th June
Worlds of Journalism assembly: Wednesday 17:45, Venue: Room QG22
JRE Cocktail Event (Invitation Only): Thursday 18:00-19:30 Venue: The Helix Gallery
DCU School of Communications Book Launch: Thursday 17:45-19:00, Venue: 1838 Club
Community Communication Book Launch: Friday 17:45-19:00 Venue: Room Q122

Full Schedule Programme
After much work and multiple exchanges between the officers of Sections and Working Groups and the association’s leadership, the LOC team was in a position to complete a final version of the formal programme for IAMCR-2013 conference. A pdf version of this programme is now available to download -
Click here [PDF, 2.6MB] [Updated with Post-Print changes, 28 June]

Key to Codes - Abbreviations used for Sections & Working Groups [PDF, 184.2KB]

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