Rambling guide to DCU - from Dublin Airport

From Dublin Airport by Dublin Bus to DCU (sorry, no picture of Dublin airport)

When you take Dublin Bus from Dublin Airport (bus 16, 41, 41b, 41c – 41a not found on Dublin Bus website timetable), when you see this church (image below) on the left front, get off the bus AFTER the traffic lights. (except if you are on 41a, get off at the Church! The bus will turn left – DCU is on the right)

If you have downloaded the Dublin Bus mobile app, it's the bus stop no.213

After you get off the bus, walk back a little to the junction with the traffic lights, and cross the road to the west.

that's on the left of the picture above.
It is “Collins Avenue West”, you may see the sign (pictured below) on the opposite side of the road.

In a few minutes you will see the National School (elementary school) on the left. Straight on.

The main entrance is over there on the left after the pedestrian traffic lights.

Immediately on the left at the main entrance is the Nursing Building, where the Room Codes begin with H – all on the Ground floor so HGnn (where nn are two digit numbers)

The Nursing Building picture is NOT from main entrance – that is on the left on the picture above.

From the entrance, Nursing Building is on your left, you follow the pedestrian passage turning right. On your let is the Engineering & Research building, no sessions there.

Further straight and you will see Business School building on your left, multi-storey car park on right. Before that, passage to the left – to campus accommodation (picture above left)
Go straight along the main road between Business School [Room Codes begin with Q] and car park, you will see the Helix.

about 8pm Monday 24 June 2013: the trees are greener, some floweres and the Marquee for our Lunch is up!

Anyhoo. Go straight on the right of the Helix, you will see another car park straight ahead. Turn left, the Henry Grattan building [Room Codes begin with C] is on your left. (or you can go left before the Helix, of course)

um, the trees are greener there now too :)

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