Online Programme - IAMCR 2013 Dublin Conference


The Dublin LOC team has now constructed an online version of the Programme for IAMCR-2013 conference which provides certain search and sort functions.

For example, you can key key in the name of any conference participant and readily obtain a listing of all the sessions in which he or she is participating.

This online version of the programme also provides ready access to the Abstract for each paper presented at the conference (where available).
* Note: formatting are lost in most of the Abstracts, also some colons (:) may have been replaced by ",,"


How to use this online version of the conference programme

You have three basic choices (sorts/searches you can do)

.1) Search by person's Name or by Slot code.
Here you may do a Sort by the Name (family name) of any participant or by Slot (using the slot code).
You may need to click the [Clear All Filters] or [Reset Search] when doing a new search.

.2) Participants (Alphabetical List)
This second option presents an alphabetical listing of all participants.
Here you can simply click on your own name or the name of any particpant, and you will be presented with all sessions in which they they are involved (paper presentations, chairing or discussant roles).

.3) Slot Codes (Alphabetical List)
The third option presents an alphabetical listing of all (c350) slots on the conference programme. As the first three letters in the slot codes refer to a particular Section/WG, this option can also be used to check.

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Please note that the Abstracts with Authors names are pulled in from the IAMCR-OCS abstract submission; we tried to incorporate any changes such as additional authors, title changes and the latest slot code changes. If any errors found please forgive us, and thank you for your understanding.

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