Message from the Local Organising Committee

A Big Welcome to all attendees at the 2013 IAMCR/AIERI/AIECS Conference from the local organising committee in Dublin!

It is a really great pleasure to welcome back the IAMCR to Dublin City University, almost 20 years to the day since the School of Communication hosted the IAMCR’s ‘Europe in Turmoil’ conference on 24-27 June, 1993. According to feedback received then, that was a terrific conference in many ways, intellectually, socially and culturally speaking. We have every reason to expect the same from this year’s conference, only it will be much bigger and better thanks to the 2,450 Abstracts submitted by you, members and associates from more than 86 countries- a record number for an IAMCR conference.

Our theme for this year’s conference is also a very serious and challenging one: Crises, ‘Creative Destruction’ and the Global Power and Communication Orders. It’s a theme that almost writes itself given the setting –for Ireland lies at the very epicentre of the storm of deep economic crisis and attendant austerity processes that have been unfolding in many parts of Europe and USA since 2008. But we also very much welcome and look forward to wider and multiple international perspectives on crisis and austerity as well as resistances to same, and how these relate to core concerns in media and communication studies.

The heart of IAMCR conferences is centred around multiple animated but collegial intellectual exchanges between colleagues located in very different social, political and cultural settings. We feel certain that the 1,400 plus attendees at this conference will contribute loads in terms of sharing the fruits of recent work and laying plans for future activities, meeting old friends and making new ones. An IAMCR conference is usually a rare and privileged exemplar of global collegiality in practice as well as theory, and Dublin in 2013 seems likely to well match such high expectations.

But IAMCR conferences are also about more than intellectual work. One truly distinctive feature is a lively social and cultural agenda, with ample opportunities to catch up with old friends and meet new ones, from far and near. We know that Dublin proved to be a very successful venue back in 1993, offering lots of facilities to nurture these important aspects of the IAMCR conference experience. I am confident that this will continue to be the case for IAMCR-2013.

Many people contributed to making this conference happen. They include the authors of approximately 1,600 papers, the officers of most Sections and WGs who cooperated very well with the local team as well as Janet and Maria, President and General Secretary of the Association. On behalf of the School of Communications, I must acknowled"e the help offered by colleagues in ISS and the Finance units in DCU as well as staff in Campus Residences, the Helix and Trispace.

Finally but by no means least, I must offer a special word of thanks to the patience and heroic e!orts of the small team of part-time staff involved in the requisite planning, design, admin tasks required to make this conference possible.

Paschal Preston, Chair, local organising committee, IAMCR-2013 Dublin

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