Watching over the “Watchdogs”:How Press Laws and Councils Stifle the Sudanese Press

TitleWatching over the “Watchdogs”:How Press Laws and Councils Stifle the Sudanese Press
Publication TypeConference Paper
Author(s)Galander, M. M.
Affiliation (1st Author)Qatar University
Section or WGIslam and Media Working Group
DateWed 26 June
Slot CodeISLW2a
Slot Code (Keyword)ISLW2a
Time of Session11:00-12:30
Session TitleMedia Ethics and Regulation in Muslim World
Submission ID4564

The objective of this paper is to assess the punitive role of press laws and press councils in Sudan with emphasis on the current regime. To underline the evolutionary nature of the press control mechanisms in the country, the paper will provide a brief description of the previous experiences with press laws and councils. The paper will evaluate the punitive measures taken in each political phase and under the different laws passed. The current regime deserves a special treatment, not because it has reigned longer, but because it manifests the characteristics of both a military and a liberal system. This remarkable detachment from the ordinary classifican of political systems to either authoritarian or liberalitarian, underlines the major thesis of this paper,, that authoritarian regimes mutilate press freedom by adopting and adapting some features of a free press system.

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