Update from LOC, 28 March 2013

From the Local organisation team for IAMCR-2013 Conference

Firstly, preparation work is currently under way on the programme and we plan to publish the details of when and where papers will be presented by mid-April. Here we express our thanks to the heads and other leaders of the Sections and Working Groups for all their work.
They have had an undertaken workload in recent weeks in reviewing and selecting papers and designing the draft programme of breakout sessions that lies at the heart of the IAMCR conference.

Secondly, the LOC team are very happy to confirm that we have successfully dealt with the hundreds of requests for invoices, receipts, and lots of other inquiries received in recent weeks. We received a rather sudden increase in the flow of emails from about the 6th March and we thank those who had to wait some some days before our small team could manage a response. Some of the inquiries comprised rather exotic and unexpected species, but then perhaps that is a tribute to the diverse cultures and imaginaries that makes the IAMCR such a special organisation.

Thirdly, please note that the LOC office will be closed from 29 March till 2nd April as the admin team take a break and enjoy the Easter fest.

Finally, to note that as we move into three-month countdown period, things seem to be shaping up for a really exciting IAMCR-2013 conference in Dublin in June.

IAMCR 2013 Dublin Conference Local organisation team

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