Stream Hashtags for #IAMCR13 [Slot Code]

We've come up with a way to communicate about each stream in the IAMCR 2013 Conference. Simply add the two or three digit slot code to the end of the conference hashtag #IAMCR13. We'll be compiling some of the best tweets at the end of the conference and publishing them on this blog.

E.g. Audience = #IAMCR13AUD, Comic Art = #IAMCR13COM


  • Audience (AUD)
  • Community Communication (CoC)
  • Comic Art (COM)
  • Communication Policy and Technology (CPT)
  • Crisis Communication (CRI)
  • Diaspora and the Media (DIA)
  • Digital Divide (DIV)
  • Environment, Science and Risk Communication (ENV)
  • Emerging Scholars Network (ESN)
  • Ethics of Society and Ethics of Communication (ETH)
  • Gender and Communication (GEN)
  • Global Media Policy (GMP)
  • Health and HIV/AIDS Communication (CHA)
  • History (HIS)
  • International Communication (InC)
  • Islam and Media (ISL)
  • Journalism Research and Education (JRE)
  • Law (LAW)
  • Mediated Communication Public Opinion and Society (MCP)
  • Media Education Research (MER)
  • Media Production Analysis (MPA)
  • Media, Religion and Culture (MRC)
  • Media and Sport (SPO)
  • Participatory Communication Research (PCR)
  • Political Economy of Communication (PE)
  • Political Communication Research (POL)
  • Popular Culture (POP)
  • Post-Socialist and Post-Authoritarian Communication (POS)
  • Public Service Media Policies (PSM)
  • Visual Culture (VIS)

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