Registration for the IAMCR 2013 Conference

Please Note that ONLINE Registration is now closed.

What the Registration Fee Covers : IAMCR 2013 Conference
The IAMCR conference Registration fee entitles registered delegates to participate in:
.1) All the conference plenary and breakout panel sessions during 26-29 June, 2013
.2) The Opening and Welcome event on evening of Tuesday 25 June plus a social /cultural event on one other evening (26-29 June, 2013).
.3) Lunches, plus mid-morning and mid-afternoon refreshments each day (26-29 June, 2013)
.4) Registration also covers transportation to and from hotels to the conference venue in the mornings and evenings for all conference participants who book hotel accommodation through the conference website.

Registration Fee Structure     Click here to consult IAMCR Country List
* please note that the Early Bird registration is now closed *

Country Status Status of Person Early Bird Regular (b Late Registrants (c
High-Income Members of IAMCR 400 460 560
High-Income Students 320 360 460
High-Income Non-Members of IAMCR 500 560 660
High-Income Trial M/Ship & Conf Fees 440 500 600
Middle/Low-Income Members of IAMCR 240 300 440
Middle/Low-Income Students 200 300 400
Middle/Low-Income Non-Members of IAMCR 360 420 560
Middle/Low-Income Trial M/Ship & Conf Fees 280 340 480
.a) All Data in EUROs
.b) Regular refers to those who Register between 22:00GMT 25 March and 20:00GMT 26 May 2013.
.c) Late registrations are those who may be accepted after the 26th May, if space permits. All late registrants MUST have made communications with the DCU hosting team prior to 1 June 2013, and have received explicit notification from the DCU organisers (at least one week prior to the event), that his/her late registration is possible and agreed in each case.

Online Registration deadline : 20.00 GMT on 26 May 2013 [CLOSED]

Please Note :

If you plan to participate in the Dublin conference, then you are advised to register for the conference and book your accommodation as early as possible. You should note that there is a capacity limit of around 1,500 on the number of attendees at the conference.
You should also note that the c.500 beds in the relatively cheap campus accommodation will be available on a first-come first-served basis following Registration. Click here to open Accomodation Page

Also Participants should note that there will be no simultaneous interpretation [English/French/Spanish] services available at this conference. Following discussions at the 2012 conference in Durban, the local organising committee will allocate funds to support some travel grants for participants from low income countries.

For delegates from countries whose banks do not provide credit card services, please contact the conference administrator at to discuss alternative arrangements. Contact must be made well in advance of close of delegates' chosen registration option.

Thank you for your interest in IAMCR 2013 Dublin Conference.
We hope to see you there,

IAMCR 2013 Local Organising Committee

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