LOC Briefing No. 1) IAMCR-2013 Conference, Dublin

.1) Only 2 Weeks to Go !!
IAMCR-2013 conference time is almost here ! The conference commences at 5.30pm on Tuesday 25th June, and the Registration desks will be open from 2.00pm till 5.15pm that day, and they re-open again at 8.00 on Wednesday morning.

If possible, please go to DCU campus on afternoon of 25th June and then please first go to the Registration desks on ground floor of the Helix building. There you can formally register and also collect your conference bag, copy of the programme as well as your ID-Badge and tickets for meals etc..

.2) A very special Opening Event on 25th June, 2013
The IAMCR-2013 conference kicks off at 5.30pm with a very special Opening Event followed by a reception [wine and finger food] on Tuesday 25th June.

We are extremely pleased to announce that the President of Ireland, Michael D Higgins, will give the opening address to the conference. As some of you may know he is a former lecturer in sociology and cultural studies where his teaching interests overlapped with the agenda of concerns embraced by the IAMCR. He is also a former Minister for Arts and Culture and a published poet as well as a major public intellectual in Ireland. Over the past month, Michael D Higgins has distinguished himself as the only leading figure in the mainstream political parties in Ireland who has strongly criticised the prevailing austerity policy regimes in Ireland and beyond. He has delivered a number of important speeches inside and outside Ireland (eg at a UNESCO meeting in Paris; and at the European Parliament) where he pointedly questioned the legitimacy and value of the prevailing austerity policy regime in Europe.

The opening address by the President will be followed by some tasters of Irish [musical and visual] culture plus a reception with wine and finger-food.

As noted, the Registration desks will be open from 2.00pm till 5.15pm on Tuesday 25th, and the opening event commences at 5.45pm.

.3) Revised Programme now Available for IAMCR-2013 Conference:
Finally, after much work and multiple exchanges between the officers of Sections and WGs and the association’s leadership, the LOC team was finally only in a position to complete a final version of the formal programme for IAMCR-2013 conference in early days of June. A pdf version of this programme is now available to download - Click here [PDF, 2.6MB]

.4) Registration Numbers : now past limit and closed
In late May the LOC team extended the deadline for online registrations in an effort to accommodate numbers of people on the conference programme who had failed to pay by the closing date. The result was a late surge of registration activity, taking us now well past the 1,400 capacity limit. Thus we cannot accept any more attendees, quite simply we are not permitted to accept any further, new registrations. We regret that we have ended up here. We realise that it is not a satisfactory situation for any party to end up turning away people who wish to attend the conference. However, due to the helpful co-operation of various units and individuals on DCU campus, we have managed to accommodate an extra 200 persons, one sixth more than the original upper limit for this conference.

.5) Conference Website
And the commercial web service [Digiweb] that has been hosting the IAMCR-2013 website for past 14 months has undertaken a major overhaul of it own system and one result has been partial or intermittent breaks in access to the conference website over past few days. Emails are working OK but other aspects of the conference website have been functioning somewhat erratically. The LOC team are very mindful that this is extremely bad timing. We had been in frequent contact with this hosting service company in efforts to remedy the problems resulting from its changes to its technical systems. We are now actively working on some alternative solutions with a new web hosting service- and we hope to have such remedies in place over the next few days.

.6) More good news and omens !
Also on the positive side, with an exciting programme and more than 1,400 persons attending, this promises to be a very lively, large and exciting IAMCR conference despite severe economic crisis and resource constraints in many countries. And even better, after a long, miserable period of wintry or early-spring weather, Dublin has turned sunny and warm since the beginning of June. So the weather omens are now also pointing to a really great conference in Dublin in two short weeks time !.

Paschal Preston, on behalf of the LOC team, IAMCR-2013 Conference

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