Journalism, Innovation and Policy-making

TitleJournalism, Innovation and Policy-making
Publication TypeConference Paper
Author(s)De Waal, M., and M. Milosavljevic
Affiliation (1st Author)University of Amsterdam
Section or WGCommunication Policy and Technology
DateThurs 27 June
Slot CodeCPTT4a
Slot Code (Keyword)CPTT4a
Time of Session16:00-17:30
Session TitlePANEL The Open Society Foundation's Mapping Digital Media Initiative: Global Communications Research to Support Policymaking
Submission ID5639

Panel:The Open Society Foundation’s Mapping Digital Media Initiative: Global Communications Research to Support PolicymakingIn this contribution we will look at journalistic innovations. The crisis in journalism is mostly a crisis in business models, partially caused by the rise of new media. At the same time these same digital media technologies afford both individual journalists and media organizations to fulfill journalistic functions in society in new ways. Data visualization, gamification strategies, crowd sourcing, data journalism, networked journalism are only some of the new formats that have come forth in the last few years. Our underlying hypothesis is that many of these innovations show a shift in journalistic approach. It is no longer the story itself, and the construction of a narrative that is key to these journalistic productions, but rather the construction of a platform that is to make thejournalistic research findings accessible as well as to engage the  audience through its interface. What do the MDM-reports teach us about these developments? Which innovations have proven successful and for what reasons? In what contexts does the innovation take place – within oroutside traditional media organizations?We will conclude with an analysis of what these developments could mean for media policy. How have policy organizations dealt with the rise of new innovative platforms for journalism that are hard to fit within a traditional understanding of journalism formats and not always match the existing institutionalized approach we often find in media policy?

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