Identity Crisis in Professional Journalism

TitleIdentity Crisis in Professional Journalism
Publication TypeConference Paper
Author(s)Paiva, R., and M. Sodre
Section or WGInternational Communication Section
DateWed 26 June
Slot CodeINCW2a
Slot Code (Keyword)INCW2a
Time of Session11:00-12:30
Session TitleBRICS as a new global communication order
Submission ID6412

We propose to discuss, regarding Brazilian facts, some lasting and changing aspects in the scope of what is named by some media scholars as a « crisis of identity in journalism ». We imply the stable specificity of information discourse, meaning the one directed towards framing and communicating facts relating to the social state of affairs. We also imply that the traditional model of mass communications subsists in the big media companies by keeping the diffusion power under the control of a hired journalist. Even in the internet which transfers to the consumer the power of moderating facts one can discern some evidence of steadfastness in regards of traditional newsmaking in access portals and websites. However there are outstanding changes in the labor market which seems apt to grow on behalf of communication advisers and not at all toward traditional media companies. All of it brings up in the range of class unions and academic debates the issue about the identitity or the redefinition of professional journalism.

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