IAMCR Policy on access to Conference Papers

After every IAMCR conference a selection of the papers presented are posted on IAMCR's website in what they call the Virtual Paper Room (VPR), a section of the website that is only accessible to logged in IAMCR members. Non-members can see the titles of the papers and the names of the authors, but they cannot download them.

A paper is only posted in the Virtual Paper Room if both:

  1. The Heads of the Section / Working Group want it posted, and;
  2. The author wants it posted.

If any or all of the papers presented at a Section or Working Group's sessions in Dublin are to be posted in the Virtual Paper Room, they must be sent to IAMCR by 11 October, 2013. They will then be uploaded and made available to members-only on the IAMCR website by 28 October.

There are two options for sending papers:

  1. Section or Working Group Head can send the PDF files or the titles of papers and their IAMCR-OCS ID number to IAMCR. No papers will be processed/posted if the IAMCR-OCS ID number is not provided;
  2. Authors can send IAMCR the papers directly in PDF format accompanied by the completed form - please ask your Section/WG Head.

The deadline for submitting papers is 11 October, 2013. Papers received after the deadline will not be posted.

Some authors have indicated that they want their papers to be formally published online as a collection with an ISBN number. Other authors have indicated that they prefer to post their papers informally. If an author wants his or her paper published with an ISBN number, they must indicate that to Section/WG heads and IAMCR. They will then apply for the ISBN number, including the author's name and the title of the paper. The only purpose of the ISBN is to satisfy the requirements of certain universities that require this for having supported an author's participation at the conference. There will be no difference in the way the papers are presented on the website.

For further informations, please contact your Section/WG Heads directly.

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