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A Message from Irish Department of Justice, Visa Section
If delegates have individual queries regarding their applications, it would be appreciated if they could email visamail@justice.ie so their query can be forwarded to the correct visa office.

Many thanks
Visa Section

Full Paper Submission Guideline?
IAMCR does not impose strict style guidelines. Individual sections or working groups may, but if they have not communicated with you, then your section or workingh group probably doesn't have an established format. You can contact the heads directly to make sure. It must be submitted to IAMCR-OCS.
The deadline is 23.00 GMT on 28th May 2013.
Useful Links: the informal guidelines | Sections and Working Groups page

Student Membership status
If you are a claiming Student fees and Status, please get a signed statement from your supervisor on official notepaper from your university, which confirms your student status.
This should be completed within 5 days of your Registration and sent as attachment via email to : info@iamcr2013dublin.com

IAMCR trial membership
The trial membership is the individual fee (high/low) + 40 Euro.
They enjoy the benefits of members until the end of the year, except they cannot vote (which only matters in years with a GA so not applicable to Dublin).
They are expected to consider joining IAMCR as full members in 2014.

Letter of Invitation for IAMCR 2013 Conference
If you require one, please provide a summary of your Accepted paper [Submission ID#, Title and Section/Working Group], copy and paste the Registration Confirmation if you have already registered to attend the conference, and email to : info@iamcr2013dublin.com

Multiple-Authored Paper, Only One Author attending
During the days 2 and 3 of the conference, we will have an office facility so that the single author presenting the paper (and representing all the other authors) can request and receive from us a formal and signed Letter confirming that the paper was presented at IAMCR conference 2013. This Letter will include the names of all the relevant authors attached to that particular paper.

Spouse, Partner or Fiancée accompanying you to Dublin?
If you are a registered attendee at the IAMCR conference in Dublin and if your Spouse, Partner or Fiancée is accompanying you to Dublin and you wish to be able to bring him/her to one of the social events, then you will be able to purchase a special Ticket. This will cost 50 Euro and will enable you to bring your Spouse, Partner or Fiancée to the social events planned for the Tuesday and Friday evenings, 25 and 28 June. We will advise later about the most convenient method for purchasing that Ticket.

Transportation to the Conference Venue
Transportation to and from hotels to the conference venue in the mornings and evenings will be provided only for the conference participants who book hotel accommodation through our partner website (excluding the Regency Hotel and DCU Campus accomodations which are in a walking distance).

Registration Problem - credit card transaction declined
If your name contains some "foreign" letters (excuse us!), please try with the plain English Roman alphabet version of your name. Same applies to other fields as well.

Abstract submission number is not on my Acceptance letter?
Your Abstract Submission number should be found on the first receipt email sent to you; also you should be able to find after you log in to IAMCR-OCS, go to MY IAMCR-OCS and click "Active" submission link.
  ** NOTE: No need to enter Abstract Submission number on the Registration form anymore **

Special Dietary Requests - CLOSED
We will try to cater any reasonable dietary requests. For example if you prefer Kosher foods, please email to info@iamcr2013dublin.com before 10 June 2013 with "Kosher Foods Requests" on the subject line.

Why didn't I receive those "not registered" warning emails?
If one of your co-authors has been registered already, the paper was marked as "represented".
But I am a part of a Panel discussions?
For the Panel proposals, each Panelists were supposed to have submitted the paper individually as well. If you are not entered as an Author in the IAMCR-OCS, we don't have your email address.
Also there are some who entered wrong email address in the OCS, the inbox full, spam filter, etc.

Why did you keep sending "not registered" warning emails though I had registered already?
Some Authors who registered with different name - spelling variation or other reasons, or different email addresses, may have received those emails. Thank you for your understanding.

Why didn't I receive the Registration Confirmation email?
Could be the system error and it didn't go through, but more likely wrong email address entered in the form. When we tried to send "LOC Briefing" from the Registration data, about 60 out of 1,400 emails were returned as delivery failure!
Also entering more than one email address was a bad idea.

Frequently Asked Questions among ourselves, Local team
Why do they leave it to the last minute?
Does anyone read the FAQ page on our website?

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