Delays in publishing draft of S&WG Programme, IAMCR-2013

Our draft programme has been in preparation and we were on schedule to publish this online today, the 15th of April.

In line with that schedule, the LOC team met on Friday and some worked hard over the weekend to finish the refinements to the slot allocations and complete the work on the programme. Our schedule had been on target to deliver this programme to you today.

Unfortunately, in past 12 hours we have received several sets of new changes, including documents from some of the larger S&WGs needing significant reworking of prior allocations. We have also received one draft programme for the first time today. In the light of this, it is necessary to incorporate these changes in order to supply as accurate a programme as possible. This unfortunately involves some delays and holding back on the publishing of the draft programme. The LOC team is attempting to ascertain the status of those latest submissions and we hope to have the draft programme published over the next few days.

Local Organising Team, Dublin

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